One incredible benefit in transitioning the 2020 Jovix Executive Forum to a FREE virtual event is that we are now able to offer the JOVIX USER TRACK to all attendees. During each afternoon of the Forum, the JOVIX USER TRACK will connect our very own Subject Matter Experts to those that use Jovix day in and day out. We’ll showcase tips and tricks designed to increase the return on your Jovix investment. Build your Jovix competency while building your resumé!



  • Education – Is your Project fully utilizing all the modules within Jovix and harnessing the powerful features? Increase your Jovix competency for this Project and the next.
  • Best Practices – We’ll look at how others found success with Jovix and how you can implement their lessons learned.
  • Tips & Tricks – Save time and effort, become more self-sufficient, and increase productivity by learning shortcuts from the pros.

Executives: This is an opportune time to give your team free trainings. We aim to share tips and tricks that will serve to increase the ROI of your investment in Jovix.
Jovix Users: Build your competency with Jovix while building your resume. Connect with Jovix subject matter experts and other Jovix users to better understand the power of the solution.

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